I still remember when I didn't have an internet connection at home and I spent all my free time at the public library. There, we all had the opportunity to connect for free for maximum an hour (but sometimes more if there weren't other people queued).

We used to spent ONLY quality time searching for our major interests online, by example trying to understand where our favorite band would have been performing in the near future, downolading crochet patterns, searching for informations about a specific book and so on.

Nowadays things are changed. We spend the largest part of our time connected but we surf the net only for a 0,0001% of what we could really do. We have been completely ensnared by the spiderweb of mayor social networks, so that when we open a connection we immediately check for our Facebook notifications or to see how many likes our latest photo on Instagram got.

Are we sure we really need this? Is our life worth of a bunch of virtual interactions?

Social networks are stealing our freedoom. They are putting everybody against each other. They are using our datas to sell us every kind of product. No matter if you use a fake name and surname: your interests will be tracked and you will become a customer. Sooner or later, but you will do.

Social networks standardised people and their way to think and talk. It's not a conspiracy theory but a matter of fact. We're loosing our originality.

Thanks to Sadgrl.online I discovered that, out of there, there's a whole community of people who's promoting the correct use of internet and encourages the creation of personal spaces online.You can read here the whole manifesto.

I was so excited that I immediately decided to join the cause. That's why I decided to start from Neocities. It's a lot of time I don't work with HTML but I wanted to give myself a new chance. In the last years I discovered that I like coding so I take advantage of this period to study and improve my basic skills.

Moreover, I started supporting this "movement" reducing the time spent on Facebook. Believe in me, it's a blessing for my stomach and for my soul!

On my italian blog "The last wave" there will be soon a copy of the original manifesto written by Sadgrl, in order to start spreading the project in Italy too. That would be great if every country could do the same!

How you can participate:

(Manifesto's points written by Sadgrl)

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